Lawn know how

How can I improve the look of my lawn?

After mowing, all dead grass should be removed as this can strangle new grass growth beneath. This should be done with a flexible tined lawn rake. This rake has specially angled wire tines (prongs) which scratch the surface of the lawn removing debris and helps aerate the ground underneath therefore encouraging new grass growth.

How do I achieve a nice neat edge to my lawn after mowing?

After mowing the lawn any long grass around the edges can be tidied with edging shears. If you have a tree or post to trim around, lawn shears or multi-position single-handed grass shears may be useful. To create a neat edge along a flower border you should use a half moon edging knife which will cut through the turf allowing you to create curves for an interesting border.

My lawn has weeds but I don't like to use chemicals?

You do not need to use chemicals, the daisy grubber will remove all trace of deep seated weeds such as dandelions, daisies and clover.

After rain my lawn becomes waterlogged, what can I do?

The area needs to be drained. The easiest way to do this is with a digging fork, spiking the lawn to a depth of 4 inches (10cm) to aerate the soil and then adding sand to assist the drainage.

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