Predator Bow Saws


Predator Bow Saws


• Tension adjuster for faster, cleaner cuts for longer
• Soft feel ergonomic handle/hand guard
• Easy, rapid blade change
• Blades available for both Hard Wood (Peg Tooth) and Soft/Green Wood (Raker Tooth)
• Saws sold fitted with Peg Tooth Blades


Watch our video about our Predator Woodsaws & Bow Saws

Product Specifications: 
Part No.Blade SizePack Size
B9821BOWSAW21” (530mm) Bow Saw5
B9821BOWSAWTF 21” (530mm) Bow Saw Taper Front5
B9824BOWSAW 24” (610mm) Bow Saw5
B9830BOWSAW30” (760mm) Bow Saw 5
B9821WETBLADE21” (530mm) Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade10
B9821DRYBLADE21” (530mm) Peg Tooth Bow Saw Blade10
B9824WETBLADE24” (610mm) Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade10
B9824DRYBLADE 24” (610mm) Peg Tooth Bow Saw Blade 10
B9830WETBLADE30” (760mm) Raker Tooth Bow Saw Blade 10
B9830DRYBLADE30” (760mm) Peg Tooth Bow Saw Blade10


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