Pruning know how

When and how should I prune?

Roses and shrubs should be pruned after flowering or fruiting in spring or summer or when the buds are dormant in autumn. Cut cleanly 1cm above a bud in a parallel direction to the bud.

What is the difference between a bypass and anvil secateurs?

Bypass (scissor action) secateurs give a clean cut and minimise stem bruising, making them ideal for precise pruning and green wood.
Anvil (knife action) secateurs minimises the effort required to cut and twist stems, making them ideal for hardy woody stems and old dead wood.

How should I prune a tree or large shrub?

Pruning should be carried out to maintain the shape and manageability. Cuts should be made just above a bud or leaf. Depending on the width of the branch to be pruned you may use a pruning saw, bow saw or lopper. For tall trees you should use a telescopic tree pruner with cord operated jaws and a pruning saw.

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