Selecting Hand Tools

Selecting the right tools in the first place can make the job easier, quicker and improve the quality of finish. By combining our great tradition with the latest technologies, and by understanding what you actually want from your tools, we ensure that our products, over 3000 of them, help you take pride in a job well done.

Selection tips

1. Plan out a DIY or gardening task in advance of starting it. Many retailers have in store job cards for a range of tasks, which highlight what tools you need. If you are still unsure ask an experienced friend, family member or the stockist for advice. The trick is to not end up with a tool you don't need or, even worse, find yourself half way through the job minus that vital drill bit.

2. Try before you buy. Different tools perform and feel differently in the hand. It is important that the tool does what you want it to and is comfortable in use.

3. Buy cheap pay twice. Price is usually a good indication of the relative product quality, durability and standard at which it will perform. Also, check how long the product is guaranteed for - a manufacturer will not guarantee a product longer than they expect it to last for.

4. Don't buy a tool that performs at a standard much higher or lower than you need, either way it is a waste of money.

5. Wherever possible buy specific tools for specific jobs. They are designed to do the job in question and will deliver a better performance and finish. However, in some instances it is possible to buy a multi-purpose tool designed to do a range of similar tasks.

6. The perfect tool kit would consist of a mixture of both power and hand tools.

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