Carpenters' Claw Hammers

Carpenters' Claw Hammers


Used by carpenters for fixing and removing nails. Should never be used for striking implements such as cold chisels

• Polished striking face and back of claw
• High quality forged head
• Choice of hickory, tubular steel, solid forged steel or anti vibration shaft
• Solid forging provides a shaft integral with the head for superior strength

Product Specifications: 
Model No.WeightRange
SJ-CAH16454gm (16oz)Hickory
SJ-CAH20567gm (20oz)Hickory
SJ-CSS20567gm (20oz)Solid Steel
SJ-CTS16454gm (16oz)Steel
SJ-AVCLAW16454gm (16oz)Anti-Vibration
SJ-AVCLAW20567gm (20oz)Anti-Vibration


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