Drywall Finishing Trowels

Drywall Finishing Trowels


Drywall Finishing Trowels - Produced in the proud tradition of WHS / Tyzack floats this float features a riveted aluminium tang, hardened and tempered spring steel blade with a soft feel handle. The concave blade is designed to enable the finishing of seams to blend into existing plasterboard

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeThicknessStud WeldingsHandleBrandBlade Material
90911B11" x 4.5/8"02410Soft FeelTYZACK Carbon Steel
91911S11" x 4.5/8"02410Soft FeelTYZACKStainless Steel
90914A14" 4.5/8"02412Soft FeelTYZACK Carbon Steel


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