One Handed Bar Clamps

One Handed Bar Clamps


Ideal for a wide range of clamping and spreading tasks when gluing, sawing, drilling etc

• Toe-in feature means that, when fully closed, the jaws only meet at the top, thus providing an even clamping force across the whole depth of the workpiece
• Non-marring pads firmly grip and protect the workpiece
• Carbon steel bar and reinforced nylon body make the clamp both tough and durable
• Quick release trigger enables the clamp to be positioned and released quickly
• Ergonomically-designed, soft feel pistol grip handle is comfortable to use and fits easily into the hand
• Jaw release clip mechanism allows the jaw to be removed and re-attached to the other end of the bar, thus converting the clamp into a spreader
• Maximum Clamping Force: 150kg
• Jaw depth 3.3/8" (85mm)

Product Specifications: 
Model No.Clamping CapacitySpreading Capacity (min)Spreading Capacity (max)Jaw Depth Type
EOHBC66" (150mm)6.5/8" (168mm)13.3/8" (340mm)3.3/8"Single
EOHBC6X26" (150mm)6.5/8" (168mm)13.3/8" (340mm)3.3/8"Pair
EOHBC1212" (300mm)6.5/8" (168mm)19.1/2" (495mm)3.3/8"Single
EOHBC1818" (450mm)6.5/8" (168mm)25.3/8" (645mm)3.3/8"Single
EOHBC2424" (600mm)6.5/8" (168mm)31.1/2" (800mm)3.3/8"Single
EOHBC3636" (910mm)6.5/8" (168mm)43.1/2" (1105mm)3.3/8"Single


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