Professional Torque Handles - female fitting

Professional Torque Handles - female fitting


• For many applications a spanner end fitting rather than a socket is the best or, often, the only solution. Typically this will be because the joint is a pipe union (such as a brake pipe)

• 9x12mm and 14 x 18mm rectangular type handles

Product Specifications: 
Model No.Square DriveRange N.mRange Ibf.ftLengthWeight
EFTH-10010 x 1220-10015-80340mm0.6kg
EFTH12-20011 x 1240-20030-150421mm0.78kg
EFTH18-20012 x 1240-20030-150431mm0.78kg
EFTH-30013 x 1260-30045-220546.5mm1.13kg
EFTH-40014 x 1280-40060-300658mm1.78kg


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