Minchinhampton School in Bloom

Minchinhampton School in Bloom

Minchinhampton School in Bloom


Michinhampton School in Gloucestershire had been kindly donated 1000 bulbs to plant around the school grounds to brighten the area up, whilst also teaching the children about gardening. Sophie Muir from the school got in touch to ask for our help, because although the bulbs were a vey welcome gift, they had no gardening tools to plant them with.


We donated the school a selection of trowels, dibbers and weed forks for them to use the plant the bulbs and also for their newly formed gardening club to use after the bulb-planting event. The gardening club hopes to teach children about gardening and get them involved in outdoor activities and projects.


“We used our fabulous new Spear & Jackson tools to plant 1000 donated bulbs in our school grounds. A team of mums, dads, children and members of the village gardening club came together to plant a selection of daffodils, bluebells and crocuses.

The weather was kind and it took us all an hour and a half of solid planting in the beds, on the banks and under the trees around the school.

We couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you Spear & Jackson UK Ltd for your wonderful tools!”


“We now have a Gardening Club that meets on Wednesdays after school. We can’t wait to continue to use our new tools.

Our school is going to look great and the children are going to have some fun learning all about gardening. The  Gardening Club will be running all year with the aim of growing vegetables, flowers and fruit to sell to parents and to eat as the pupils try new foods.

A variety of wonderful support from both the PTA along with donations from companies will allow the children to participate in a wide range of activities to include bulb planting, propagation and planning the raised beds for next year's crops. Some seeds and winter veg are being planted now and the children have designed a school scarecrow. The cycle of composting and the role of wildlife in a garden are being discussed with pupils taking an active part all aspects of the Gardening Club"

Sophie Muir, Minchinhampton School


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