New Wildlife Mats from Spear & Jackson

Wildlife Mats

Introducing the new Wildlife Mats from Spear & Jackson

Spear & Jackson UK Ltd has recently announced the launch of three new products aimed at creating wildflower areas for bees, birds & butterflies, all of which are in severe decline in the UK.

These new products, ‘Bee Mat’, Butterfly Mat’ and ‘Bird Mat’, are designed to make growing wildflowers easy and suppressing weeds which would ordinarily stifle the growth of these delicate flowers. The mats all have specially selected seeds implanted within them, tailored to grow and create a food for their respective creatures.

Bees and native UK birds & butterflies are in severe decline, but growing the right plants can really help to feed and create habitats for them.

Bees are facing a number of problems, with a decline of wildflower meadows in the British landscape believed to be a significant one. Between 1985 and 2005 honeybee colonies fell by 53%, with wild honeybees thought to be almost extinct. Wild bumblebee and solitary bee diversity has declined in 52% of English Landscapes.

Many native UK birds, such as sparrows, blue tits and robins have declined over the last few years and a lack of food could be part of the reason why. The Bee Mat has seeds specially selected to attract and feed seed eating birds, giving them a valuable source of food and nest building materials.

60% of UK species of butterflies and moths have declined over recent decades, with more than 1 in 10 species assessed as under threat of disappearing from our shores altogether. Growing nectar rich plants throughout the butterfly season can help by providing food for butterflies and the Butterfly Mat has seeds specially selected to do just that.

The Spear & Jackson Wildlife Mats are easy to use and perfect for borders, tubs and pots and can be cut to size to suit any container or location. The matting supresses weeds, allowing the wildflower seeds inside the paper to grow, quickly creating a beautiful wildflower meadow of flowers.

By giving over a small patch of your garden to nature you can help to create an important stepping-stone between natural habitat areas, which can help to feed and sustain our endangered wildlife. These Wildlife Mats will be on sale in all good garden centres soon.


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