Bolt Cutters - High Tensile - Forged Handles

Bolt Cutters - High Tensile - Forged Handles


Centre cut, arm adjusted bolt cutters with solid forged handles for maximum strength - every pound of force applied is amplified to produce 80lbs (36kg) of force between the jaws. To maximise safety the built in stops will yield rather than break, whilst the drop forged jaws are machined to precise specifications for a resilient body and rigid cutting edge

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeCutting CapacityType
EFBC14355mm (14")5.0mm (3/16") maxn/a
EFBC18460mm (18")6.4mm (1/4") maxn/a
EFBC24610mm (24")7.9mm (5/16") maxn/a
EFBC30762mm (30")9.5mm (3/8") maxn/a
EFBC36915mm (36")11.1mm (7/16") maxn/a
EFBC421070mm (42")13mm (1/2") maxn/a
EFBC14-RH2n/an/aReplacement Head 14"
EFBC18-RH2n/an/aReplacement Head 18"
EFBC24-RH2n/an/aReplacement Head 24"
EFBC30-RH2n/an/aReplacement Head 30"
EFBC36-RH2n/an/aReplacement Head 36"
EFBC42-RH2n/an/aReplacement Head 42"


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