VDE Insulated Safety Pliers - Long Nose

VDE Insulated Safety Pliers - Long Nose


Long tapering jaws for gripping in confined spaces and side cutter for cutting medium hard wire. Fine jaw ends for gripping and manoeuvring small objects. Serrated jaws for extra grip. Induction hardened cutting edges for cutting medium hard wire. Ergonomic soft feel handles

Designed, manufactured and individually tested for use around live working circuits up to 1000 volts

VDE Insulated pliers
ECLIPSE VDE insulated pliers & screwdrivers are 100% tested in accordance with IEC 900/DIN EN 60900/VDE 0682 PART 201 and meet the high safety requirements of these standards. All pliers & screwdrivers are individually tested in a waterbath to withstand 10,000 volts A.C. Additional tests are performed on the ergonomic safety handles between temperatures of -20°C and +70°C to ensure resistance to cracking and stripping. Flame retardancy properties are tested in an open gas flame. This specialised range of ECLIPSE pliers & screwdrivers can therefore be guaranteed to provide the user with complete peace of mind

Do not use on live circuits. Electrical installations should be disconnected from their mains supply before work is carried out. Do not touch non-insulated areas of tool when in use

Always visually inspect pliers & screwdrivers before use. If the insulation is damaged or marked in any way, the pliers should not be used near live electrical circuits. To ensure satisfaction from this product, it should be kept clean and carefully stored in a contaminant free, dry environment when not in use

Product Specifications: 
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