Arbors and Accessories

Arbors and Accessories


The range of Eclipse Holesaw Arbors now includes:

• Standard arbors suitable for all applicable sizes:
• New quick release (QR) variants, which simply click the pins into place.
• New SDS plus arbors suitable for Electric Hammer drills.
• A general purpose set (E-GP) which includes a variety of adaptors to fit all sizes.

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeType
E4Fits 14-30mm HolesawsArbor
E1Fits 14-30mm HolesawsArbor
E11Fits 14-30mm HolesawsArbor
E6Fits 32-152mm HolesawsArbor
E2Fits 32-152mm HolesawsArbor
E2QRFits 32-152mm HolesawsArbor
E-GPFits 14-152mm HolesawsGeneral Purpose Arbor
EE-12300mm Extension
EN1n/aArbor Adaptor
ED170mmPilot Drill
ED2114mmPilot Drill


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