KEW Stainless Midi Onion Hoe

KEW Stainless Midi Onion Hoe


Our Kew Neverbend Stainless range of garden tools have mirror polished heads that slip easily through the soil, are resistant to rust, and easy to clean. Harvested from FSC® certified, well managed forests, our weatherproof handles are made from the finest ash. Every Kew Neverbend Stainless product comes with a ten year guarantee.

“Longer handle provides better reach”

•  Mirror polished heads slip easily through the soil, are resistant to rust and easy to clean
FSC® certified 305mm/12” ash handle, weatherproofed for greater durability
•  Leather wrist strap makes for easy storage

Product Specifications: 
Part No.Handle Size:Head Size:
3110KEW305mm 12"75mm 3"

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