Open Socket Square Mouth Shovels

Open Socket Square Mouth Shovels


• Hardwood shaft, for strength and comfort • Aluminium rivet, secures the handle in the socket & provides maximum stability • Polyester coated, clear polyester powder coat varnish protects against rusting • Carbon steel, high quality carbon steel for longer life

Product Specifications: 
Model No.HandleBlade Size (mm)Blade Size (")Handle Type
2521AU711mm (28")320 x 255 No.212.5 x 10T
2521UA711mm (28")320 x 255 No.212.5 x 10MYD
2531UH1220mm (48")320 x 255 No.212.5 x 10LK
2521HT711mm (28")345 x 280 No.413.5 x 11T
2521VC711mm (28")345 x 280 No.413.5 x 11MYD
2521WE711mm (28")370 x 305 No.614.5 x 12MYD
2521NC711mm (28")370 x 305 No.614.5 x 12T


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