Finishing Trowels

Finishing Trowels


TYZACK Plastering Tools Ever since Joseph Tyzack introduced steel blades to replace traditional wooden trowels in the late 19th century, the TYZACK name has set the standard for quality plastering tools.

One innovation, for example, was a patented design enabling the blade to be attached to the tang without the need for the rivets to go right through the blade, thus solving the problem of ‘drag lines’ when finishing.

Ready to Go Plastering Tools, totally pre-worn to professional standards.

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeThicknessStud WeldingsHangHandleBrandBlade Material
13100R-0811" x 4.5/8"2410SingleMahogany, BananaTYZACKCarbon Steel
13100RSF-0811" x 4.5/8"2410SingleSoft FeelTYZACKCarbon Steel
13458SSF-0813" x 4.5/8"2410SingleSoft FeelTYZACKStainless
13458ERTG13" x 4.5/8"2410SingleSoft FeelTYZACK Ready to GoStainless
14458ERTG14" 4.5/8"2412SingleSoft FeelTYZACK Ready to GoStainless


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