Flooring & Adhesive Trowels

Flooring & Adhesive Trowels


Flooring trowels have spring steel blades with pointed ends

Product Specifications: 
Model No.SizeThicknessStud WeldingsHangTypeBrand
13716K16"0567DoubleFlooringWHS / TYZACK
13718G18"0568DoubleFlooringWHS / TYZACK
106FLR14"n/aSingleFlooringSPEAR & JACKSON
14500X11" - 1.5 x 5mm notch032DoubleAdhesive TrowelWHS / TYZACK
14510Y11" - 1.5 x 5mm notch032DoubleAdhesive BladeWHS / TYZACK
14600Y11" - 2 x 6mm notch032Adhesive TrowelWHS / TYZACK


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