Nail Punches

Nail Punches


• Designed to drive nail heads below the surface of wood
• Cupped and bevelled points limit skidding off nail head

Product Specifications: 
Model No.LengthPoint DiameterType
352A100mm (4")1.6mm (1/16")n/a
352B100mm (4")2.4mm (3/32")n/a
352C100mm (4")3.2mm (1/8")n/a
352D100mm (4")4mm (5/32")n/a
352W100mm (4")1.6, 2.4, 3.2, 4mmWallet Set
65-232R100mm (4")1.6mm (1/16")Retail Carded
65-332R100mm (4")2.4mm (3/32")Retail Carded
65-432R100mm (4")3.2mm (1/8")Retail Carded
65-532R100mm (4")4mm (5/32"Retail Carded


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