Sash Clamps

Sash Clamps


Average clamping force of 500kg (1100lbs). The ductile head and slide are guaranteed unbreakable, whilst the steel bar offers maximum tensile and yield strength. The slightly tapered jaws enable perfectly parallel clamping and the fast action rolled thread applies pressure quickly and smoothly to the workpiece

Product Specifications: 
Model No.LengthClamping Capacity
ESC24760mm (30") bar600mm (24")
ESC30915mm (36") bar760mm (30")
ESC361070mm (42") bar915mm (36")
ESC421220mm (48") bar1070mm (42")
ESC481370mm (54") bar1220mm (48")
ESC541525mm (60") bar1370mm (54")
ESC661830mm (72") bar1680mm (66")
ESC-TSPCSpare - Tail slide, peg & chain
ESC-PCSpare - peg & chain


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