Engineers' Scrapers

Engineers' Scrapers


Hand scrapers are designed for the removal of high spots on machined surfaces to give a smoother surface on slideways, bearings, cast iron surface plates and precision marking out plates. All scrapers have a soft feel handle and are made from high grade tool steel suitably hardened, to maintain a very keen cutting edge.

• Suitable for toolroom and small engineering work

Product Specifications: 
Model No.Blade LengthCutting Edge
96A100mm (4")Three Square
97A140mm (5.1/2")Three Square
99A200mm (8")Three Square
96B100mm (4")Flat
97B150mm (6")Flat
96C100mm (4")Curved Half Round
97C150mm (6")Curved Half Round
97D200mm (8")Curved Half Round
96Set comprising of 96A, B and C
97Set of 4 comprising of 97A, B, C and D


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