10pc Screwdriver Set

10pc Screwdriver Set


• Bright chrome vanadium steel bars for strength and rust protection
• Black oxidised tip for increased wear resistance
• Trilobular handle with tapered neck for ergonomic fit
• Dual material handle for comfort in use
• Integral moulded finger grips around neck to allow increased torque

Contains:  PA75X3 - Parallel 75mm x 3mm PA100X3 - Parallel 100mm x 3mm PA150X5 - Parallel 150mm x 5mm FL6CH - Flared Chubby 40mm x 6mm FL75X5 - Flared 75mm x 5mm FL100X6 - Flared 100mm x 6mm FL150X8 - Flared 150mm x 8mm PO2CH - Pozi Chubby 40mm x No2 PO75X1 - Pozi 75mm x No1 PO100X2 - Pozi 100mm x No2

Product Specifications: 
Model No.


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