Staples / Brad Nails

Staples / Brad Nails


Fine Wire -

• Lightweight staples that make fine entry holes at the point of staple entry
• Ideal when a neat finish is required

Heavy Duty -
• Flat wire profile that create fairly large sized holes at the point of staple entry to maximised grip
• Ideal for heavier duty stapling tasks

Brad Nails -
• Slender wire nails that give a neat finish and help to avoid splitting the grain of softwood

Product Specifications: 
Model No.Size (mm)TypeBox Qty
STAPLESHD66mm (1/4")Heavy Duty1000
STAPLESHD88mm (5/16")Heavy Duty1000
STAPLESHD1010mm (3/8")Heavy Duty1000
STAPLESHD1212mm (1/2")Heavy Duty1000
STAPLESHD1414mm (9/16")Heavy Duty1000
BRADS16MM16mmBrads 18 gauge2000


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