H5 Square Tool Bits

H5 Square Tool Bits


• Eclipse H5 tool bits have a 5% cobalt content to give optimum hardness, grindability and cutting performance
• Square tool bits can be used in lathes and shaping machines 
• Tool bits manufactured to ISO5421 Diameters quoted are approximate, actual diameters being slightly more than the nominals quoted.

We recommend that tool bits be ground under a copious flow of coolant to prevent build-up of heat.

Product Specifications: 
Model No.LengthDimensions Section
TD109R/1076mm (3")6.4mm (1/4")
TD111M/10102mm (4")6.4mm (1/4")
TD149M/1076mm (3")7.9mm (5/16")
TD151N/10102mm (4")7.9mm (5/16")
TD189N/1076mm (3")9.5mm (3/8")
TD191W/10102mm (4")9.5mm (3/8")
TD195C/10153mm (6")9.5mm (3/8")
TD271F/10102mm (4")12.7mm (1/2")
TD275B/10153mm (6")12.7mm (1/2")
TD311E/10102mm (4")15.9mm (5/8")
TD315M/10153mm (6")15.9mm (5/8")
TD355N/10153mm (6")19.0mm (3/4")


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