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This month in the Garden

Over the coming months, join me as I show you how to do jobs in the garden on a month by month basis.  As a horticulturalist and garden designer, I'll be guiding you through the seasons ahead, sharing tips, successes and failures and exploring some of the new and inventive products on the market.

Join me to see what jobs I recommend you should be doing in the garden each month with this 'How To' guide

1st January 2021
It’s January, and generally our expectations of the garden are pretty low. But the fresh winter air carries uplifting floral fragrance like no other...
1st December 2020
No matter how your festive season is looking in this strange and uncertain year, setting aside some quiet time for a little garden dreaming and...
22nd October 2020
With the rapid rise in the popularity of no-dig approaches to gardening, there is also a growing interest in the use of green-manures to help protect...
30th September 2020
Roses were grown in ancient Babylon, and are depicted in tomb walls paintings in Egyptian pyramids built over three and a half thousand years ago...
3rd September 2020
September is a month when the garden relaxes into autumn and we appreciate the late summer bloomers that carry on through until the frosts. Don’t be...
3rd September 2020
It seems to have warmed up slightly over the past week, but the rain we've had means that if you can cope with the mess, now is a great time to start your autumn lawn care programme.
3rd September 2020
Consider wrapping plants such as new Cordylines, but not with plastic or bubble wrap as these will make them sweat and rot. Firstly tie the leaves together with string or raffia and then wrap with horticultural fleece.
3rd September 2020
Choosing and planting bulbs which will flower next spring and summer seems like ages away, and we haven't even put the garden to sleep. But planted now, you'll ensure you get some great colour in the garden, at a time when you'll really appreciate it.
3rd September 2020
Lee Bestall shows you how to top dress plants in pots and containers