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This month in the Garden

Over the coming months, join me as I show you how to do jobs in the garden on a month by month basis.  As a horticulturalist and garden designer, I'll be guiding you through the seasons ahead, sharing tips, successes and failures and exploring some of the new and inventive products on the market.

Join me to see what jobs I recommend you should be doing in the garden each month with this 'How To' guide

2nd December 2018
Winter is well and truly here once December arrives. The outdoors can feel gloomy and uninviting. Don’t be disheartened though – there are jobs to be...
1st November 2018
November is technically an autumn month, and yet it can feel decidedly wintry. Days are generally more miserable, there’s that slippery downhill...
1st October 2018
We feel the end of the year approaching in October. The light fades fast, and the leaves fall almost as quickly. During daylight the carpeted ground...
3rd September 2018
I’d never used a long handled hand fork before, and thought them a little odd. But it wasn’t until I actually tried this tool that I discovered how much I like it. It’s easier to reach further into the border, and as it has a long handle, you can get a better leverage, making forking over the area easier. I was able to get in-between other plants easily and weed out the nettles which seem to have arrived with the horse manure!
9th August 2018
The year is drawing closer to its end and while the September light can be splendid, it’s also softer and cooler. Autumn is kicking in and, while...
18th July 2018
Some regard August as a dull time in the garden, but with careful forward-planning, you can ensure plenty of colour and foliage interest this month...
14th October 2017
This week I've been dividing up herbaceous perennials, including the over crowded Astilbes, Hostas, Lupins, Delphiniums and some of the grasses. When divided in autumn herbaceous perennials (those which die down to ground level at the end of each year) should establish a new root system over the next few months while the soil is still warm.
3rd September 2017
This weeks video blog is how to lay a patio, and i had it easy as we called in an expert to show you how. He'll go through the necessary steps to constructing a well laid terrace, patio or in this case, series of transitional platforms (as the client likes me to refer to them as!).
3rd September 2017
Its at this time of the year when most people retire to the garden after a hard days work, or at weekends, but this is also the time of year where garden pests like to bathe in the garden too.