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2nd September 2014

Spear & Jackson’s Wildflowers for Bees!

If you visit Spear & Jackson at Glee this year, you will not only see their new range of Kew products and eye catching new gift sets, but you’ll also be able to collect one of their fantastic new promotional gifts.

Working in conjunction with Project Maya SEEDBALL, Spear and Jackson are giving their customers the chance to help to create wildflower areas for bees. The Spear & Jackson SEEDBALL tins contain a ‘bee mix’ of wildflower seeds, cleverly wrapped up into a ball so they can be quickly and easily sown, then left for nature to work it’s magic and before you know it you’ll have a wildflower meadow full of happy bees!

Bee numbers are in a rapid decline in the UK, but growing wildflowers that they like can make a difference and help to reverse this trend.

“Bees (bumblebees and honey bees) are the principal pollinators of flowering plants and are crucial for food production. In the UK, bee pollination services contribute an estimated £1.8 billion per year to the UK economy.  If we were to take over the role of pollination from bees in the UK alone, it would require a workforce of 30 million people! Without bees, many fruits, vegetables and other crops would not grow and many wild flowers would disappear from the countryside.

Yet the disappearance of bees is a very real threat. Most of the UK’s bumblebee species have greatly declined in recent years, with two species extinct in the UK since the 1940’s, while honeybee numbers have dropped by 50% in the last 25 years.”


So don’t forget to collect your tin at Glee at the NEC, Birmingham this September and make a difference to the UK’s bee population. 


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