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High Tensile Bolt Cutters - Tubular Handles

High tensile bolt cutters with tubular steel handles, available in a range of sizes and replaceable heads
  • Jaws are drop forged and hardened
  • Tubular steel handles
  • Highly suitable for cutting high tensile steel rods, bolts, pre-stressed concrete, reinforcing rods, mesh and wire, cold drawn alloy steel, case hardened chain, tempered spring wire
  • Drop forged jaws are machined to precise specifications for a resilient body & rigid cutting edge
  • Centre cut
  • Jaws adjustable by a cam on the strap
  • Lightweight tubular handles do not compromise strength and durability
  • Every pound of force applied is amplified to produce 80 Lbs (36 kg) of force between the jaws
  • The built in stops will yield rather than break to maximise safety
  • Part NumberTotal LengthMaximum Cutting CapacityPack quantitybar code
    ETBC14355mm (14")5mm (3/16")205012095065968
    ETBC18460mm (18")6.4mm (1/4")105012095065975
    ETBC24610mm (24")7.9mm (5/16")85012095065982
    ETBC30762mm (30")9.5mm (3/8")55012095065999
    ETBC36915mm (36")11.1mm (7/16")45012095066002
    Part NumberDescriptionMaximum Cutting CapacityPack quantitybar code
    ETBC14-RH2Spare Jaws and strap set 14"5mm (3/16")15012095067993
    ETBC18-RH2Spare Jaws and strap set 18"6.4mm (1/4")15012095068006
    ETBC24-RH2Spare Jaws and strap set 24"7.9mm (5/16")15012095068013
    ETBC30-RH2Spare Jaws and strap set 30"9.5mm (3/8")15012095068020
    ETBC36-RH2Spare Jaws and strap set 36"11.1mm (7/16")15012095068037