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TCT Holesaws

Multi-Purpose TCT Holesaws and Accessories
  • Material: Alloy Steel body with a brazed Tungsten Carbide cutting edges
  • Top Cap: 24mm Hexagon with screw thread to suit the appropriate Arbor (that conforms to BS1580).
  • Body diameter & Thickness: 18.6mm dia. x 1.5mm
  • TCT edge: 3.5 wide x 2.5 deep x 7mm long
  • Cut Size Tolerance: 20.0 – 20.4mm
  • Overall Length: 64 ± 1 mm
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) holesaws for fast cutting of wood, plastics, MDF, plasterboard, dry wall and aerated concrete
  • When cutting wood TCT holesaws are up to 5 times faster than High Speed Steel (HSS) Bimetal holesaws
  • No 'cut burn' on wooden workpieces
  • A wider tooth profile helps clear material for a longer life
  • Available in 12 popular sizes
  • Dedicated arbors with extended length HSS and TCT tipped pilot drills
  • Spare 95mm length HSS and TCT tipped Pilot drills
  • Retail-friendly blister packed
  • Part No.DescriptionBarcodePack Quantity
    E11T-BHex Arbor for 16-30mm  Holesaw (1/2" - 20UNF). 13mm (1/2") drill chuck. Comes with HSS & TCT pilot drill501209561796920
    EC-TCTH102TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   102mm50120956179526
    EC-TCTH20TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   20mm50120956178466
    EC-TCTH22TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   22mm50120956178536
    EC-TCTH25TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw  25mm50120956178606
    EC-TCTH32TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   32mm50120956178776
    EC-TCTH38TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   38mm50120956178846
    EC-TCTH44TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   44mm50120956178916
    EC-TCTH51TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   51mm50120956179076
    EC-TCTH60TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   60mm50120956179146
    EC-TCTH64TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   64mm50120956179216
    EC-TCTH70TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   70mm50120956179386
    EC-TCTH76TCT Multi Purpose Hole Saw   76mm50120956179456