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Locking Table C Clamp

Eclipse offers a range of plumbing tools manfactured from the highest quality materials to the finest tolerances for optimum performance including locking C-Clamps and Pliers for specialist use and working in confined spaces with awkward shapes
  • Clamp pad: 29 x 27.5 ± 0.5mm x 2.75mm
  • Clamp Pad support Plate: 6.00 ± 0.1mm Thick
  • Clamp Pad support Plate fulcrum length: 108 ± 1mm
  • Base Plate: 69 x 39.5 ± 1mm x 6mm
  • Base Plate Hole diameter: 12.3mm
  • Ideal for clamping and workpieces when drilling, milling, welding and gluing etc.
  • Suitable for fixing on machinery T Slots, tables and workbenches
  • Swivel jaw pads minimise marking of delicate workpieces
  • Chrome Molybdenum steel body and handles for strength and durability
  • Guarded release trigger protects against accidental release
  • Screw adjusts to fit work piece and exerts an even pressure throughout the workpiece
  • Clamping capacity 3- 5/8” or 92mm
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