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Adjustable Basin Wrench

A specialised tool used in the installation or removal of kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. It has a long shaft designed to reach into the tight space underneath the sink to loosen or tighten the mounting nuts which can be hard to reach with other wrenches or pliers
  • Handle length: 267mm
  • Handle diameter: 14mm
  • Head width and length: 49 x 49mm
  • Minimum jaw width: 10mm
  • Maximum jaw width: 32mm
  • Tommy bar length: 115mm
  • Tommy bar diameter: 7mm
  • Forged carbon steel head for strength and durability
  • Pivoting adjustable head for easy tightening and removal of faucet and fill valve nuts
  • Spring-loaded jaws adjust to the full size of the nut
  • Strong carbon steel handle, chrome-plated for rust resistance
  • T-bar handle for easy operation
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