Plants in the wrong places!

14th June 2024

The delightful month of June arrives. Bringing in the hope of happy harvests. Although this year, June feels more like we’re still in the month of April. With cool air and short sharp showers that seem to arrive from nowhere. Oh no! Does it sound like I’m whining?

I’m definitely not going to let that dampen me down. There is new life in rows of companion sowing of spring onion and carrot. The beetroot don’t seem to be bothered. They equally love the sunny and cool days too. As long as they started their life in good moisture retaining compost. I must say this month sees the overwinter varieties of onions and shallots push themselves into the 5th gear. Last month’s application of an organic slow release feed has worked its way and now the bulbs have started to swell. The tall peas sticks are not only intertwined with tight tendril grip of blauwschokker pea. There is a mass of purple and pink flowers which look like tissue paper confetti  fluttering in the breeze. Now that the flowers have arrived it's a good practice to give these plants a weekly high potash feed. Soon Purple podded peas will be a delight to harvest. The first batch of lettuce has started to go over and bolt in the warm air. To continue harvest of salad leaves. A container filled with peat free compost, watered in well and with a sprinkling of cut-and-come salad mix is tucked away in the cooler semi shaded side of the garden. Will soon provide those pot-to-plate fresh salad greens.

Earthing up the potato plants has become a weekly routine. As has the weeding. In fact, this is the top priority task this month. Every outdoor plant is reaching out to the summer sun’s warm rays. And so are the weeds (plants-in-wrong-places). They just seem to spring up so happily between the rows and in-between all vegetables and flower plants. The Dutch hoe which hibernates during the winter months is now currently brought the foreground of the potting shed to help knock the weeds down.

And the other top priority task this month is watering. Especially in the greenhouse where the plants are sheltered from the unseasonable rain.

That said as summer equinox approaches. Let 2024’s summer begin.


Happy Gardening,


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