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Weedkillers & Plant Feed

Spear & Jackson Designed for the Garden

Choose from our range of plant food to keep your garden and houseplants strong and healthy.

Launching soon, our specialist, slow-release feed will help your vegetables to grow, your flowers bloom and help new plants to take root.

Our range of lawn feeds and patch repair kits will help to nourish and care for your lawn. Whatever your growing project, we have the range of feed to make the most of the growing season.

Tackle stubborn weeds and roots in and around paths, patios and driveways with our weedkiller sprays. They are systematic weedkillers travelling through the plant leaves and down to the roots for controlling annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds. For convenience most of our weedkillers are ready mixed for quick and easy application.

All our Plant Feeds and Weedkillers are available from a wide variety of retailers and online