Strawberry Propagation in the Woodland Garden


Lee Bestall
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10th August 2017

Now is the perfect time of year to begin the propagation of semi ripe cuttings.  They sound complicated, but they are not really.  They can be taken from any plant (normally a shrub) which has produced some growth this year which has started to harden at the base.  Examples include Lavender, Box, Berberis, Potentilla and Fuchsia.

They are easy to take and mean you can multiply the amount of plants you have in the garden and even give some away to friends.  Follow the 'how to' video guide on at the bottom of this page to see how you can propagate more cuttings at this time of year.

If you've ever wanted to create your own stately Lavender hedge, or grow a topiary cone from a cutting, give it a go this year.  Once you have taken your cuttings, simply place them in the cold frame, keep watered and then pot up next spring, ready to plant out the following summer.

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Its also a great time to propagate Strawberries.  If you have a pot or bed of fruits, the plants can become tired after a few years, so i recommend changing them every 3 years for new plants.  They tend to fruit best in their second year, so if you propagate a new batch every year, its easy to keep a rolling programme going, ensuring you have the pick of the crop every time.

Also check out the video blog for how to sow annuals for next year.

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