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BA Nut Spinners

Eclipse Nut Spinners for loosening and securing nuts, particularly where spanners cannot reach or are awkward to use
  • Manufactured from high quality carbon steel
  • Trilobular handle with tapered neck for ergonomic fit
  • Dual material handle for comfort in use
  • Integral moulded finger grips around the neck to allow extra torque
  • CodeDescription LengthNut SizePack sizeBarcode
    7800BA Nut Spinner O Uncarded150mm (6")0BA65013035037410
    7801BA Nut Spinner 1 Uncarded150mm (6")1 BA65013035037427
    7802BA Nut Spinner 2 Uncarded150mm (6")2 BA65013035037434
    7803BA Nut Spinner 3 Uncarded150mm (6")3 BA65013035037441
    7804BA Nut Spinner 4 Uncarded150mm (6")4BA65013035037458