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Pin Vices

Pin vices in four sizes, available as individual items or in a set
  • Manufactured from high quality carbon steel
  • Hand held tools designed for holding round materials
  • Hollow handle enables material greater than the overall length of the pin chuck to be used
  • CodeDescription CapacityOverall lengthPack sizeBarcode
    120Pin Vice Set containing one each of 121,122,123,12415012095002369
    121Pin Vice0-1mm75mm (3")105012095002376
    122Pin Vice0.75-1.5mm 85mm (3 11/32")105012095002383
    123Pin Vice1.4-3.1mm95mm (3 3/4")105012095002390
    124Pin Vice3.1-5mm105mm (4 1/8")105012095002413