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Automatic Centre Punches

All Eclipse Punches are made from high quality carbon steel. The point is hardened and tempered to withstand continuous use. All punches have well cut knurling to provide positive finger grip
  • Manufactured from high quality carbon steel
  • Delivers a punch when hand pressure is applied to knurled head
  • One handed operation, hammer should not be used
  • Depth of impression can be adjusted by turning knurled head
  • CodeDescription LengthOperating pressure rangePack sizeBarcode
    65-171RAutomatic Centre Punch149mm22.5-6.3kg (50-14lbs)105012095431459
    E17101Replacement Point for E171--
    E172Automatic Centre Punch120mm13.5-2.25kg (30-05lbs)15012095000938
    E17201Replacement Point for E172--