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Parallel Pin Punches

All Eclipse Punches are made from high quality carbon steel. The point is hardened and tempered to withstand continuous use. All punches have well cut knurling to provide positive finger grip
  • Manufactured from high quality carbon steel
  • Used to punch out pins and dowels
  • CodeDescription Point DiameterLengthSet contentsPack sizeBarcode
    161AParallel Pin Punch2.3mm (3/32")100mm (4")-105012095000815
    161AAParallel Pin Punch1.7mm (1/16")100mm (4")-105012095000792
    161BParallel Pin Punch3.1mm (1/8")100mm (4")-105012095241164
    161CParallel Pin Punch4.7mm (3/16")100mm (4")-105012095241171
    161CCParallel Pin Punch3.9mm (5/32")100mm (4")-105012095000839
    161DParallel Pin Punch6.1mm (1/4")100mm (4")-105012095000877
    161DDParallel Pin Punch5.3mm (7/32")100mm (4")-105012095000853
    161EParallel Pin Punch7.6mm (5/16")150mm (6")-55012095000891
    161FFParallel Pin Punch9.5mm (3/8")150mm (6")-55012095000914
    161WParallel Pin 9 Piece Punch Set--Contains one each of nine sizes 15012095241188