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Tap Wrenches - Bar Type

We offer a range of tools designed to hold engineers taps. By selecting the most suitable type and size it is possible to tap a hole more efficiently and minimise the risk of tap breakage
  • Manufactured from carbon steel chemically blacked
  • Standard Bar Type Tap Wrench in a range of three sizes
  • Provides a comfortable and positive grip plus the sensitivity when tapping a blind hole
  • Knurled locknut ensures a constant grip on the tap when in use
  • CodeDescription Capacity square A/F mmISOBABSW/BSFUNCUNFLength mmLength "Weight kgPack sizeBarcode
    E240Tap Wrench - BAR TYPE1.5-4.6M1-M614-01/8 - 1/40-121/4110/1054 1/40.2315012095001843
    E241Tap Wrench - BAR TYPE2.0-7.2M3-M125-01/8 - 1/24-121/4-1/2164/1566 1/40.8815012095001850
    E242Tap Wrench - BAR TYPE2.5-9.0M4-M163-03/16 - 5/88-121/4-5/8230/22090.3515012095001867