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Hinged Pipe Vice 3/8-2"

Eclipse offers a range of high quality pipe slicers and tube cutters for plastic, copper, brass, aluminium and mild steel and pipe vices for repetitive clamping tasks
  • Manufactured from SG Ductile iron
  • Ideal for repetitive clamping tasks on pipework
  • Can be fitted to a bench or stand
  • Hinged top section allows rapid access to the job
  • Self locking frame is reversible for right or left handed operation
  • Steel tommy bar and main screw exert and maintain a powerful gripping force
  • SG Ductile iron frame is virtually unbreakable
  • CodeDescription Open lengthPack sizeBarcode
    EHPV2Hinged Pipe Vice 3/8-2"10-50mm (3/8-2")45013035042629
    EHPV2-1/2Hinged Pipe Vice 3/8-2-1/2"10-60mm (3/8 - 2 1/2")45013035042636
    EHPV3-1/2Hinged Pipe Vice 3/8-3-1/2"10-90mm (3/8 - 3 1/2")25013035042643
    EHPV6Hinged Pipe Vice 1/8-6"16-150mm (5/8 - 6")15013035042650