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Professional Automotive Torque Wrenches

Eclipse Torque wrenches are manufactured in the UK and incorporate the very latest design, manufacturing and quality control technology to achieve the highest level of innovation and precision. A new and improved range of automotive torque wrenches with fine adjustment, improved handle and high accuracy. Ideal for automotive, garage and tyre shop applications particularly in the confined spaces of motor vehicles
  • Reversible ratchet with 48 -72 engagements per revolution with two component ergonomic handle.
  • Manufactured according to BSENIS06789-1:2017 and BSENIS06789-2:2017
  • Reversible ratchet with 48-72 engagements per revolution depending on size for strength and durability
  • Reversible ratchet is designed with compact dimensions and a narrow engagement angle resulting from the 48-72 tooth pattern
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces of motor vehicles and other applications where space is limited
  • Offset ratchet pawls give a narrow engagement angle for greater accuracy
  • Accuracy of +/- 3% exceeds all international standards for torque wrenches.
  • Each wrench is supplied with a declaration of conformity
  • Dual scale for torque settings in N.m and lbf.ft. The window is larger than the previous model for higher visibility and more accurate setting
  • Simple calibration adjustments without dissasembly for ease of use
  • Ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and slippage resistance.
  • Handle and lens material are resistant to most chemicals in common usage in automotive , aviation and industrial environments
  • Handle has a simple to use push / pull type mechanism with less effort required so it is faster to operate
  • A robust lock prevents accidental adjustment of the wrench during use.
  • A red band clearly shows when the wrench is unlocked for extra security
  • Each handle features a timestrip which gives a visual indication that the wrench is due for calibration
  • New Part NumberSq. driveRange N.mRange lbf.ftRatchet DiameterEngagements per revolutionLengthWeightPack quantityBarcode
    EATW12-100/171/2"20-10015-753072367mm0.76 Kg15012095613428
    EATW12-200/171/2"40-20030-1504348466mm1.04 Kg15012095613367
    EATW12-50/171/2"10-507.5-37.53072327mm0.69 Kg15012095613381
    EATW38-100/173/8"20-10015-753072367mm0.76 Kg15012095613398
    EATW38-50/173/8"10-507.5-37.53072327mm0.69 Kg15012095613374