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Predator 21" Bow Saw

A range of professional quality Bow Saws available in a variety of sizes and with spare blades for wet and dry cutting
  • Size: 21" (530mm)
  • Tension adjuster for faster, cleaner cuts for longer
  • Soft feel ergonomic handle/handle guard for safety and comfort
  • Easy, rapid blade change mechanism
  • Comes fitted with Peg Tooth Blade
  • Blades are available for cutting both hard (Peg tooth) and soft/green wood (Raker tooth)
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Part NumberDescriptionBlade lengthTooth typeBarcodePack Quantity
    B9821BOWSAWPredator 21" Bow Saw 21" (530mm)Peg Tooth501209560417410
    B9821BOWSAWTFPredator 21" Taper Front Bow Saw 21" (530mm)Peg Tooth501029560418110
    B9821DRYBLADEPredator 21" Dry blade 21" (530mm)Peg Tooth501029560422810
    B9821WETBLADEPredator 21" Wet blade 21" (530mm)Raker Tooth501029560421110
    B9824BOWSAWPredator 24" Bow Saw24" (610mm)Peg Tooth501029560419810
    B9824DRYBLADEPredator 24" Dry Blade24" (610mm)Peg Tooth501029560424210
    B9824WETBLADEPredator 24" Wet Blade24" (610mm)Raker Tooth501029560423510
    B9830BOWSAWPredator 30" Bow Saw30" (760mm)Peg Tooth501029560420410
    B9830DRYBLADEPredator 30" Dry Blade30" (760mm)Peg Tooth501029560426610
    B9830WETBLADEPredator 30" Wet Blade30" (760mm)Raker Tooth501029560425910