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The Kew Gardens Collection Eco-Kind Gloves

Manufactured using recycled polyester, these new Eco-Kind Gloves support our ongoing efforts to deliver more sustainably made products. 25% of each gloves composition is recycled - this equates to 1 x 500ml recycled plastic bottle per pair!
  • Complies to European Standards EN388:2016 and EN420:2003
  • Recycled Polyester backs have a water-resistant coating, effective for up to five washes at 30°C
  • Diamond-embossed nitrile palms for a secure grip, in both wet and dry conditions
  • A flexible and comfortable fit, ideal for lighter duty tasks around the garden
  • Biodegradable: once these gloves reach the end of their life they’ll degrade up to 40x faster than typical landfill
  • Sustainable production: each pair conserves 8-16ml of oil and 14-28g of CO2 versus standard glove production
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