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Spear & Jackson Insulated Digging Spade

A solid forged heavy duty spade with insulated fibreglass handle to BS8020 : 2011 for working on, or near live cables
  • 284mm(11") x 179mm(7") solid forged carbon steel head
  • 80mm(3.1/8") lift on head
  • *725mm(28.1/2") x 31.5mm(1.1/4") dia Polyfibre handle (*including socket)
  • Integral YD hilt , plus hand stop and oversleeve on socket
  • Solid forged carbon steel head for strength and durability
  • Double sleeved socket with integral hand stop for enhanced safety
  • Powder coated head for resistance against rust, scratches, humidity, and excess alkalis
  • Tested to 10 Kva, fully compliant to BS8020 : 2011
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