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Tyzack 11" (280mm) Edging Trowel

The new Tyzack 11" (280mm) Edging Trowel is a replacement for pattern 15200W which is obsolete as it can no longer be sourced from the existing supplier. The new trowel offers the same performance and quality at a more competitive price point.
  • Length (mm): 280
  • Width (mm): 145
  • Height (mm): 100
  • Weight (kg): 0.65
  • 13.5mm radius depth / 90 degree internal corner angle
  • Blade thickness 1.60mm
  • Radius edge designed to produce a rounded edge finish on freshly laid cement
  • Specially profiled self-colour stainless steel blade
  • Double thick blade for maximised strength and rigidity
  • Double hang tang for enhanced strength
  • Natural unvarnished wooden handle
  • At 280mm/11" our Edging Trowel is the largest trowel of its kind in the market
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