Autumn Lawn Care


Lee Bestall
Garden Care
3rd September 2020

It seems to have warmed up slightly over the past week, but the rain we've had means that if you can cope with the mess, now is a great time to start your autumn lawn care programme.
The tools you will need for the job include:

• Lawn rake
• Pop up garden bin
• Autumn lawn food
• Gloves
• Fork
• Aerator
• Grass seed

Tools of the week

Lawn Aerator - 4063NB

Plastic Leaf Rake with
replaceable tines - PLASTICRAKE


Watch this weeks 'how to' guide to see exactly how to get rid of those bare patches in the lawn, to reduce the moss growth and how to green up your lawn for next year. 
Now is also a great time to mend those damaged lawn edges by re shaping the lawn with the half moon edging iron or by laying some new turf.
You can also remove weeds by hand this month.  The traditional daisy grubber is great for this.  Not only is it an organic solution, but also it won't stress the grass, like a lawn weedkiller would.
Have a great gardening week!!

Lee 'The Gardener'

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