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18th July 2017

Another mixed bag of weather with a great day Friday and a pretty miserable weekend. Now the tulips have totally died down I've removed the bulbs from the ground and put them in the shade of the cold frame to dry out. I'll store them till November in the garage and then re-plant them with a mixture of other pink varieties.

Jobs to do this week

The foxgloves I sowed a few weeks ago are slowly germinating one by one and I've moved them into the coldframe on the shady side of the garden from the hot and sunny propagation house. Even though we've had some rain the pots and boxes are still dry and the box balls in particular as their foliage always seems to shadow the rain from the soil in it's pot.

Colourful Echinacea brighten any garden

More of the echinacea are coming into flower and it looks like the early lettuce I sowed are coming to an end as they are starting to flower too. The peas and beans are coming through and are around a inch or so tall with their first true leaves showing through.

Peas & Beans

We've started filming for our tour of various gardens this week so watch out for those which begin next Monday. But until then... Have a great gardening week

Lee 'The Gardener'

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