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5th July 2018

UK hosepipe bans: What can you do to save your plants?

As the British heatwave is set to continue, our gardens are looking more than a little thirsty. With hosepipe bans already in place in parts of Ireland, similar rules being imposed in England looks ever likely.

Yorkshire Water has reported a daily surge of 200 million litres, with other regional water companies highlighting a similar spike in water useage.

Pamela Doherty, Director of Service Delivery at Yorkshire Water, said: “Despite there being no current water shortages, water is a precious resource and we would still encourage everyone to do their bit to help by using water a little more efficiently."

Using water from your baths, showers and washing up bowls (known as grey water) is an effective way to help save them in prolonged heat.

Be mindful of the products you use in the water, such as bath salts and harsh soaps and avoid using the water on edible crops.

For more tips, the Royal Horticultural Society has put together some advice for re-using your water.

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