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Flat Chisels

Eclipse Chisels and Bolsters are manufactured from hard wearing chrome vanadium, so need less re-sharpening and are more resistant to mushrooming after prolonged use
  • Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Suitable for general cutting and chipping of metals, and for shaping, facing and cutting of stonework
  • Made from hard wearing chrome vanadium
  • Resistant to mushrooming after prolonged use
  • Need less re-sharpening
  • CodeDescriptionLengthBlade widthHexagonal DiameterPack sizeBarcode
    CB108D/07Flat Chisel 6"x 3/4"150mm (6")19mm (3/4")15.9mm (5/8")105012095001478
    CB110T/07Flat Chisel 8"x 3/4"205mm (8")19mm (3/4")15.9mm (5/8")105012095000105
    CB111G/07Flat Chisel 9"x 3/4"230mm (9")19mm (3/4")15.9mm (5/8")105012095008095
    CB112E/07Flat Chisel 10"x 3/4"250mm (10")19mm (3/4")15.9mm (5/8")105012095972501
    CB113V/07Flat Chisel 12"x 3/4"300mm (12")19mm (3/4")15.9mm (5/8")105012095008132
    CB116M/07Flat Chisel 18"x 3/4"450mm (18")19mm (3/4")15.9mm (5/8")55012095008149
    CB150E/07Flat Chisel 8"x 1"205mm (8")25.4mm (1")22.2mm (7./8")55012095001485
    CB151V/07Flat Chisel 9"x 1"230mm (9")25.4mm (1")22.2mm (7./8")55012095001492
    CB152R/07Flat Chisel 10"x 1"250mm (10")25.4mm (1")22.2mm (7./8")55012095000082
    CB153H/07Flat Chisel 12"x 1"300mm (12")25.4mm (1")22.2mm (7./8")55012095000099
    CB156N/07Flat Chisel 18"x 1"450mm (18")25.4mm (1")22.2mm (7./8")55012095008156
    CB24A/07Flat Chisel 4" x 1/4"100mm (4")6.35mm (1/4")6.35mm (1/4")105012095972358
    CB28G/07Flat Chisel 6" x 1/4"150mm (6")6.35mm (1/4")6.35mm (1/4")105012095008064
    CB46T/07Flat Chisel 5"x 3/8"125mm (5")9.5mm (3/8")9.5mm (3/8")105012095008057
    CB48E/07Flat Chisel 6"x 3/8"150mm (6")9.5mm (3/8")9.5mm (3/8")105012095008071
    CB68V/07Flat Chisel 6"x 1/2"150mm (6")12.7mm (1/2")12.7mm (1/2")105012095972402
    CB70H/07Flat Chisel 8"x 1/2"205mm (8")12.7mm (1/2")12.7mm (1/2")105012095972495
    CB72F/07Flat Chisel 10"x 1/2"250mm (10")12.7mm (1/2")12.7mm (1/2")105012095008101
    CB73N/07Flat Chisel 12"x 1/2"300mm (12")12.7mm (1/2")12.7mm (1/2")105012095008125
    CB88R/07Flat Chisel 6"x 5/8"150mm (6")15.9mm (5/8")12.7mm (1/2")105012095009399
    CB89H/07Flat Chisel 7"x 5/8"180mm (7")15.9mm (5/8")12.7mm (1/2")105012095008088
    CB90M/07Flat Chisel 8"x 5/8"205mm (8")15.9mm (5/8")12.7mm (1/2")105012095001508
    CB92N/07Flat Chisel 10"x 5/8"250mm (10")15.9mm (5/8")12.7mm (1/2")105012095008118