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Metric Nut Spinners

Eclipse Nut Spinners for loosening and securing nuts, particularly where spanners cannot reach or are awkward to use
  • Manufactured from high quality carbon steel
  • Trilobular handle with tapered neck for ergonomic fit
  • Dual material handle for comfort in use
  • Integral moulded finger grips around the neck to allow extra torque
  • 7830 features a high strength flexible spring steel shaft, ideal for use with hose clips
  • CodeDescription LengthNut SizePack sizeBarcode
    7810Metric Nut Spinner 10mm Uncarded150mm (6")10mm65013035037601
    7830Metric Flex Shaft Nut Spinner 7MM 150mm (6")7mm65013035037564
    7840Metric Nut Spinner 4mm Uncarded150mm (6")4mm65013035037496
    7850Metric Nut Spinner 5mm Uncarded150mm (6")4.5mm65013035037519
    7855Metric Nut Spinner 5.5mm Uncarded150mm (6")5mm65013035037526
    7860Metric Nut Spinner 6 MM Uncarded150mm (6")6mm65013035037533
    7870Metric Nut Spinner 7MM Uncarded150mm (6")7mm65013035037571
    7880Metric Nut Spinner 8mm Uncarded150mm (6")8mm65013035037588