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Fret Saw Blades

Replacement blades for intricate sawing of wood using an Eclipse Fret saw frame
  • Manufactured from high quality carbon steel hardened and tempered in a pyrometrically controlled furnace
  • 125mm (5") long blade fits the Eclipse Fret saw frame
  • Available in a range of thicknesses, width and teeth from 16-32TPI
  • Suitable for cutting wood, bone fibre, ivory, horn and plastic
  • Blade is fitted with the teeth pointing towards the handle and cuts on the pull or draw stroke resulting in a fast cut
  • Part NumberDescriptionBlade LengthTPIBlades in packOuter Pack QTYBarcode
    71-FS5RFret Saw Blades 125mm (5")1810105012095046301
    FS16Fret Saw Blade 16 TPI125mm (5")1610015012095000389
    FS18Fret Saw Blade 18 TPI125mm (5")1810015012095000372
    FS22Fret Saw Blade 22 TPI125mm (5")2210015012095000365
    FS32Fret Saw Blade 32 TPI125mm (5")3210015012095000358